It was a good ride...

  • 27 November 2023
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After 2+ years with T-Mobile on Magenta Max 55+, it was time to move on. Overall the experience was a positive one and served me well while waiting for a more reliable home internet option which has now arrived.

In general no complaints other than the ill-advised change to autopay discount. It really came down to subpar coverage at home where most of my usage is now. On the road T-Mobile was great, but infortunately I don't live in the median, shoulder or rest area on I-95 and for cell service it came down to best and most reliab le cell coverage (phone and text) at home at the lowest price.




3 replies

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Good decision. We just left TMO after 3 decades. Their coverage slipped terribly after the 5g switch. We had our credit cards hacked several times thanks to their data breeches. They raised our rates by 50% with the recent autopay shenanigans. The list goes on.  3 years of subpar service after 3 decades of happiness. Oh how the mighty have fallen…

Hi. Do you mind sharing which new service you went with?  My Magenta 55+ bill has increased $10/mo.  I thought existing customers were grandfathered in?? I have lots of dropped calls and often my texts received are a day late and can’t get that resolved and finally gave up. I put up with it because of good price. 

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We were on a legacy military plan so we got a military discount at At&t for a couple of lines and went to xfinity mobile for some of our lines that use very little data.  Happy with both but xfinity mobile surprised us at how good the coverage is.  

I miss the “team of experts” from years past but the T-Mobile support has become very bad just like everywhere else. (Obviously they weren’t good enough to keep us as customers). The nice thing about xfinity is the people working in the physical store here are really good and helpful.