T-Mobile's Top Executives Attend Morgan Stanley, Telecom Conferences, meanwhile 50m USA Customers Try To Sort Through Yet Another Data Hack?!

  • 12 March 2023
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been with them since 2010, and this obvious downplayed data breach puts the count at #5. The rub on this one, for me, is right out of the box (literally) the morning after, they already have their side of the story posted, every place you look online as if to say to it's affected/violated users, "hey folks, no worries, nothing to see here, we're on top of it, we've got you"!? But with that, no individual emails or sms notifications were sent to everyone hit by this attack on our data and privacy, and no update since their "opening  statement"? What's it been like 3 weeks now since t-mobile's most-recent Allowed B & E (on our data & privacy) and the cat must've got their tongue or something, cuz they've been tight-lipped, and ain't sayin' shi#  to us about money or legal recourse, or who to contact and how to submit a claim forms. Does this concern anyone else? My fiance' has been with AT&T longer than my t-mobile tour (almost 15 yrs.), and guess how many data break-in's she's had over in "Lily-town"--ZERO (0), that's Nada!  Should we be concerned if our wireless provider has our backs, or is this  a different angle somebody thought up as a different method of sharing our personal data while getting paid to do so? I read this early makings of a  "conspiracy theory" online a few days ago, and it got me thinking.

I ask again, is anyone else as concerned as I am, not only for the recent t-mobile foul on guarding our personal data,  but the quantity (or better put) frequency of these attacks on our privacy? Let's hear from you! (evnStevn)


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