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  • 12 December 2018
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Are there any limitations with regards to tmobile features full usage if I have a blackberry Classic?


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Happy Friday, @jeevah​!

Welcome to our Support Community! Great question! Is this a T-Mobile Blackberry Classic? If this is a non T-Mobile device, you'll want to look over our disclaimer of bringing your own device to our network: Non-T-Mobile phone & software disclaimer​. One other thing you'll want to think of is the network compatibility and whether or not the phone possesses the proper frequencies that's required in your area. Lastly, you can check the compatibility by entering the phone's IMEI here: BYOD & SIM Cards | Bring Your Own Phone | T-Mobile Sim Card​.

I have the same phone. It works fine on T-mobile.

Provided the device is compatible with T-Mobile's network (already mentioned), the only practical limitations you will face are those with the BB10 device as it is today.   If you are already using the device, you know what I mean.  If you haven't, but you are considering, you won't have much in the way of apps.  The browser is out of date and many websites may not work well, a some may not load at all.  BBM has issues.  On the plus side, BlackBerry Maps still works, and if you like BlackBerry Maps it works well.

Also, if you are considering, you should also be aware BlackBerry announced it will be terminating all support.  When the announcement was made, maybe a year ago, the time frame was two years.   I figure the drop dead date is sometime in the next year.   I don't know if anyone knows what the device will do or won't do.  I'm guessing if the device can't check your BlackBerry ID credentials with the server, then the device will not operate.  But I don't know.

One issue you may run into is trouble sending SMS or MMS.  I don't remember the error, but one of the symptoms is you will receive messages but not be able to send.  If it is the error I have in mind, changing the network (temporarily) to something other than 4G LTE will allow the messages to send.  I've run into this rarely when traveling, and even then it is intermittent.  Hasn't happened in a long while.  (I use a BlackBerry Passport.)

Maybe more than you wanted to know.   Just FYSA, just in case.

Yep. Good summery. Thanks.

If you using a Blackberry phone you're pretty much on your own.

As a telephone my Bold 9900 still works fine.

I keep it as a backup. It also plays music, movies, etc, etc.

I don't think that SMS work any more.

Just think of it as a old PDA that can also make phone calls


SMS/MMS should work.   Works for me, anyway.  

I should have also added in my reply above that email also works.

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Wow! You've received a lot of good info, @jeevah​! Thanks everyone!

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



Do you have advice on where one can still purchase a Blackberry Bold and or Classic?  I’m afraid of trying Amazon with some of these private sellers - you just dont know what you are going to get.


Any advice would be appreciated.