Cell Tower issue

  • 31 January 2023
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I had been getting great signal and cell service at my home till July 1, 2022..  After that I lose internet at times, some text messages go through some dont but I never know which ones do. Sometimes I cant make phone calls and sometimes I cannot receive calls. I have talked to customer service and updates were needed at the tower. So my question, is 7 months a long time to climb a tower and fix a problem? I only have this issue at my house and I can see the tower from my backyard. I have to switch the phone from 5g to LTE to 5g to make it work, somtimes. I’ve been a customer for about 20 years and I ready to switch providers over this issue. I’m in Oxford Michigan any looking for an answer or for someone who can fix a tower.  YouTube doesnt have any tutorials on cell tower repair. Otherwise, I would have climbed up there and fixed it myself. 

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