Connecting Inseego to Netgear ex3700 wifi extender

  • 21 November 2021
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Not sure if anyone here can help or not, but any help is appreciated. I have been trying to connect the Inseego hotspot to a wifi extender. The reason for this is so that I can operate an Arlo VMB4000 base unit from the wifi extender while traveling in our RV and have a fully operational security system. I can get the wifi extender to connect to a hotspot on the phone, but cannot connect using the Inseego.

The procees to connect using the phone is relatively simple

   1. find and connect the netgear ext network.

    2. click on manage router andit begins the smart wizard from netgear

      3. select use as a wifi extender and not an access point and select the correct network to extend

       4.insert correct password and the wizard creates the extended networks, using the phone is simple from herem just click continue and it connects and the arlo has a connection to the internet that works. Using the Inseego we get the dreaded unable to connect screen.

Any ideas?



1 reply

Switching your Inseego network security from "WPA3/WPA2 Transition" to "WPA/WPA2 Mixed Mode" should allow it to connect