Factory Reset on Home Internet Router?

  • 13 December 2019
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It was working when I received it, and than I changed some settings to try and integrate into my network. I must have screwed something up, because I can no longer get to the admin page. I decided to reset the device to factory settings by using the reset button. I hold it for 5 seconds, per directions, and the 3 lights flash red and the unit reboots. However, when it is back up and running, the default password does not work, and the password I set for the 5ghz network does. And even though I can connect to the wireless network, I cannot access the admin page, or even the internet. How do I do a hard reset on the device or what am I missing?


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6 replies

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Hey there!

Sorry you're running into so many issues. What router is it that you're using?


Thanks for the response. The good news is that I got it reset and everything is working great.

How did you managed to do that? kindly tell us more if you can, How can i get it fixed with out resetting my phone?

I took the battery out of the unit, and let it sit with no power for about an hour. I then powered it up with no battery inside, and hit the reset button for 5 seconds. The lights flashed red, then flashed orange, and the unit rebooted. After that, the unit was reset to factory defaults.

Keep in mind when trying to sign into account under admin setup, that the username "admin" is actually case sensitive from what ive understood from time spent trying to research different solutions for my TMobile home internet gateway not being discoverable even though it's connected directly via Ethernet, and states that the device is connected when I check the top of the gateway for its status... I even tried a soft reset by using a pin to press the resets button in the back of the device, unfortunately that surprisingly did absolutely nothing... No soft rest no matter how long I held it down for.... It looks like I'm going to have to be patient and follow through with this suggestion above my response. ∆ 


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