Franklin t9 hotspot has 5 bars, but no internet. Had internet ~1 week ago.

  • 12 July 2021
  • 2 replies


My Franklin T9 had internet up to about a week ago and now when I connect, to Wi-Fi, I’m told ‘No internet”.  T9 reports 5 bars.  I have cycled power and removed the battery for extended lengths of time with no results.  I have not changed the settings of the T9 or moved it from its original location.  

2 replies

T9 Franklin Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi and Mobile Hotspot  Security . t is recommended to use the latest versions of Internet browsers. or SIM card, please make sure the device is not connected to any power sources. krogerfeedback 


There is no ‘LTE’ on the screen.

Also when I connect to the T9 Wifi I am told there is no internet.