Inseego M2000 Mifi keeps rebooting ALSO "internal server error" my.mifi http connect

  • 18 October 2023
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I have an Inseego M2000 MiFi hotspot, it boots up fine without a SIM installed, but reboots continually when the SIM is installed.  ALSO getting “internal server error” when trying to connect to the advanced config menu over http.

1 reply

following!  I have the same issue which just started within the past 18 hours.  Have had the device for almost 2 years. 

The M2000 won’t stop rebooting.  I’ve gone back to factory default settings, but with great difficulty trying to keep a connection.  Have setup the device again, and still the same issue.  Took out the SIM card and found no reboot loop is occurring.  From what I’ve read online (Salesforce), this is a carrier network config issue.  However, I’m unable to retrieve the error logs to confirm.