Is there a way to force 4G network Inseego M2000

  • 16 December 2020
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Is there a way to select or force only the 4g network on the Inseego M2000?  I’d like to test the speed and signal strength difference between the currently available 5g and 4g bands that are available inside and outside of my home. I could really use this capability/setting. I am rural and have a signal booster to help the 4g, but that does not boost the T-Mobile 5g bands inside of my house.


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There is an option in the Networks section of the Admin website (Settings → Advanced → Networks) to Select Network Manually . You would just need to figure out what network you wanted to use for testing.



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I found this answer on another thread. I was having issues with multi-player game with 5G.



The issue you are seeing is a result of some backend network handling changes made on the T-Mobiles side for their 5G network. Forcing the M2000 to 4G only is a possible fix for the issue while it is being worked out. This can be done with the following steps.

First, on a device connected to the M2000 open a browser and navigate to
Once you land on this page sign-in in the top right corner. (By default the admin password will be the same as the default WiFi password if it has not been updated)
Go to Settings > Advanced, the page you land on after clicking Advanced should be the Network tab, locate Network Mode Selection, change this from Auto to LTE/UMTS, save the changes at the bottom of the page.
Reboot the M2000, this change may take a few minutes to take effect, retry the connection from your console.

Here is how to get a hold of us if needed.

Inseego Support
Phone: 877-698-6481