It's my First Smart Watch ever

  • 27 July 2023
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all you young experienced smart watch users - - - I need help.  Purchased my first “Galaxy Watch 5 40mm”.


Other than use it to tell the time (because I haven’t had a chance to learn and play with it yet) it is simply telling time for me.   It started out with 100% charge at 6 am and is dead by 4 pm.   I was told when I purchased it it would stay charged for a day or 2.  What’s the point in having it, if it can’t even make it through my work day.   I can’t imagine if I was using it for other stuff.  


Thanks for your thoughts.

3 replies

samsung support is where questions and action go to die

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I have a Pixel watch and I take it off charge at 5am and it's now it's at 40% at almost 9pm.

I've had it since the end of March and the battery life is much better now than it was. Hopefully that's the case with the Samsung watches also.


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That’s pretty bad.  It should last a day or two, as you were told.  Somewhere in the documentation there should be a number for Samsung support.  Good luck.