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  • 3 November 2022
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Which phone is better   the Samsung Galaxy  A53 5g or the A71 5g?


3 replies

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personally i would go into both phones reviews just on the site here..change the filter to most recent and judge from there.


as is right now the A53s average is 3.9stars where the A71 is at 2.9..

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They both suck!  Wait for the Black Friday deals, if you can.  


Bull crap they both suck!!!! 🤬Let me tell everyone one about my A-53 5G it's absolutely the best phone i've ever owned period. Unless you are a professional photographer there is absolutely no reason to spend a thousand dollars or more on a device that can't do anything that my A-53 can't do except take better photos. I've owned nothing but S-Series devices my entire life it seems. And i got this A-53 the day it was released from T-MOBILE. And after a few software updates, and the A-53 learning my habits it runs smoother than any device i've ever owned period. Including my S-21 I use to own. I'll never, ever spend that type of money ever again on a freaking phone. Especially after this experience. I absolutely love my A-53 and with the software updates for 4 years coming my way I have no reason I believe to even bother buying a new device until that time comes. As long as the battery lasts that long, I definitely will not buy a new device until that time and then it will probably be an A-57 lol So to those people that say this device sucks, it's just because they are going to keep on trying their hardest to keep on, keeping up with the Joneses SMH.