Refurbished Gateway

  • 4 February 2022
  • 3 replies


I signed up to T-Mobile Home Internet plan and received a refurbished gateway.  Why can a new customer receive a refurbished device ?  Is it possible to request for a new one ? 

3 replies


They do not throw out every gateway that they send out and receive back from someone cancelling service. Just try it and if it works fine im not sure why you would want to request a new one


Thanks latte50.  The problem with my gateway is that although the battery is fully charged but when disconnecting from the outlet, the gateway lost the power and therefore, the internet connection is lost.  I cannot walk around my house to find the best location.

The gateway will only push wifi when plugged into power outlet. The internal battery is only used so that you can search your house for beast connection. The gateway will restart once unplugged and you have to wait for it to reboot before searching for signal..... hope this helps