Regarding the wireless router I am currently contracted with.

  • 6 November 2023
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We are currently under contract for a wireless router.
Our house is a two story building and we currently have the router on the second floor.
I have just purchased a TV and when I connect it to the router, the connection speed is slow.
If I put the Wi-Fi router on the first floor as well, will that clear up the problem?
How much does it cost to rent another one?
Please advise me if there is any other way to solve this problem.


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3 replies

I installed the new white router about three week's ago and. I have all of my Roku devices (5) working.

I had to go through the Set Up Connection on the Roku a few times. My only comment is if the device can find the router and it has good strength it should work. The password for the router is very specific. Make sure you have reset the password on the router to your new password and you enter is "exactly" as it is set up. It should work.


I just received the new TMobile white router. I cannot get my Roku device to register on the new router for TV streaming. My phone and PC both connected fine but Roku won't work. Anyone done this before? Thanks.

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You can buy a wifi repeater.