Slow 5G/4G on Franklin Wireless Jextream RG2100

  • 6 May 2023
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I have had the 100GB plan for about a month. My service has been spotty and inconsistent. I have talked to technical support a few times, they check my area and say 5G is impacted so I try to use 4G. I have only experienced 4G speeds once. Earlier I have had Tmobile replace the sim card.

I am getting <10Mbps down and typically 1-0.01Mbps up with high pings.

I have tried using cloudflares DNS server, I have tried NextDNS, I have tried a VPN, I have tried the different APNS. Anything I am missing?

1 reply


I know of someone else in the area with a Mifi device on Tmobile and he doesn’t seem to have problems, he said he never had to even run a speed test.