TM-RTL0102 LTE WiFi Gateway

  • 9 May 2020
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Hi, does anyone know if the TM-RTL0102 LTE WiFi Gateway supports IP passthrough.  If not, are there plans for the device to support this in the future, or plans for an upgraded device to?


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4 replies

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You'll want to take a read through this thread: Home Internet - Port Forwarding not working. Reading through, it sounds like there isn't a Bridge mode on the device but our Support teams are aware that it's a highly desired feature.

Thanks for pointing that thread out! I look forward to the next generation

of gateways when 5G goes live.


I have a TM RTL0102 Gateway. I was an early user that responded to TMobile offer before it was offered to the general public (beta test?).

I asked what the phone jack (plugged) was for and told it was for future use. Very happy with the device and have recommended it to my neighbors. The phone jack remains inactive.

My neighbors now have the current version of this device but the phone jack is active and includes a phone #.

Will TMobile update my equipment?

Are 5G21-12W-A and TM-RTL0102 both 5G?