Where did online chat go? I'm unable to call or be called, which is the only option ever available.

I'm finding it impossible to get help from T-mobile. Where is online chat? Every contact option available is useless in my current situation. ER05 invalid sim card has completely disabled the calling and message functionality of my phone, and with the T-mobile app requiring data connection instead of wifi, I'm a sitting duck here without support. Online chat is supposed to be the solution to the problem of not being able to call support. I'm unable to visit a physical store, so I'm essentially paying for a useless device. Is there simply no other option for support for your phone than to actually use it's data connection? If so, that is just stupid.


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Welcome, @magenta2080023​! I'm sorry to read you were having trouble getting in touch with our chat team, and that you're seeing this error message on your device -- definitely not the best day of the year to be having phone trouble. 😥

If you're logged in to My T-Mobile, you can hit the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and the chat option will show at the top. It does go away if the queue is long or during hours the chat team is unavailable, though.

Are you still getting this Invalid SIM error? How long have you been having this trouble? Did you recently start service, or just get a new SIM or new device? This particular error message is one we typically need to work with you to resolve by checking your account provisioning or possibly sending a SIM update to your device OTA. If you're not able to message us through chat, we do also offer account support through social media! Our T-Force teams on Twitter or FB have account verification options and can take a look at our side of the account to see what could be causing this error message. How is everything going for you today?

- Marissa

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Hey, @magenta2080023!

I just wanted to swing by to see if you were able to get in touch with Customer Care or T-Force to take a look at your account set-up since you're receiving the SIM error. Please keep us posted if there's anything else we can help out with.

tmobilr. I need a rep to call me asap.  My service has been suspended again due to nonpayment because of the virus and country being shut down..i need help and I am unable to contact tmobile even by 611


So nice of them to suggest SOCIAL MEDIA contacts after hours however it would be far more helpful if they were to provide links to those sources. It would also be extremely helpful if there were information on line that stated something to the effect that “LIVE CHAT SUPPORT UNAVAILABLE BETWEEN 0:00pm & 0:00am rather than that option simply disappearing so that we don’t have to search through and through to end up here…… Come on T-Mobile, it is 2021 and this is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! You make it EXTREMELY difficult to communicate when there is no way to call you when the phone is locked and there is no other phone available and no chat option available. Think about it! Really?

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I am very curious as to why it seems everyone has a different experience with this.  If I use the app then chat is available to me 24/7.  However it used to be available on my computer as well but now it seems as if it is not available anymore.  




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no one in here that can assist with this..instead of calling in to their tier 1 support you can also contact them through one of their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter..just dont go and post your personal info on their main them through their messages area…



and try to avoid posting any personal info in here..fully public site so everyone and their mom now has your number..


I am not getting help on line thru on line chat. NONE !!!