Bait and switch pricing

  • 19 August 2023
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I have a similar issue with switching to T-Mobile that they are not honoring. I was told by three separate T-Mobile care specialists I would receive not only reimbursement for balance of my equipment up to 800 per line and additionally $200 per line and I have four lines…..Now after I have switched they are saying its one or the other...That's  Bait and switch!! I would not have switched knowing this company operates this way!! This was a go 5g plus offer and I even questioned the offer above with my local store. They said they could not combine the two offers so I again verified with “Pedro” the customer care specialist and he said they cant but we can… I again asked if this was for sure that I would receive both promotion and he replied YES! As well as he gave me his 20 percent employee discount for as long as I stayed with T-Mobile!! Called in today and was talking with customer care specialist located in the Philippines and said they would not honor the 3  fellow customer care specialists promised!! Is there training at T-Mobile that horrible that nobody knows what they are doing?!?! Long and short that  is bait and switch undeniable….it’s $800 not a huge amount of money however that is money I was told I would receive as part of switching….unbelievable! 

1 reply

You are not alone, never got mine.  T-mobile is a nightmare. Regretting the switch from Verizon to T-mobile.