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  • 18 August 2023
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I want to change my Verizon landline to a T-Mobile service.  I currently have a T-mobile cell phone service and 5G Internet.  Has anyone obtain a landline with T-Mobile and how/what did you do.

I also want to retain my home phone number.



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9 replies

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This link should help you.


Thanks...but I want to actually HAVE a landline (not just port my phone number to wireless) and I was wondering if a service other than ATT or Verizon CAN work with the T-Mobile Internet Voice over IP etc.  Has anyone done this??


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Tmobile use to have an agreement with Ooma, not sure if they still do.


How do I get an answer FROM T-mobile on this subject??


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The only T-Mobile employee I ever see here is @HeavenM 

Customer Service at 611 should be able to help you with this.

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T-Mobile does not do traditional land line service.  

T-Mobile now partners with Ooma for VOIP device to connect to T-Mobile Internet Gateway.

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You won’t be porting your existing number to T-Mobile.  It will be ported to Ooma instead.

Keep Your Number

Enjoy free number porting when you purchase an annual subscription to Ooma Premier, or pay a one-time fee of $39.99.


To get the free Ooma device you must sign up for Ooma Premiere service which costs $9.95 per month.

T-Mobile Internet Ooma Home Phone Promotional Terms

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Hey there @soaringpilot51 

T-Mobile did have a landline product, but we actually stopped that program about 2 ½ years ago. Many people have gone the route of putting their home number on a cell phone that they keep at home. This is actually something that I did for my grandmother a couple of years ago. She keeps that phone at home and only gives it out when the situation calls for it. 

I know that you mention that you really want to keep the landline. Is there something particular that you like about having the landline? There may be a feature that T-Mobile offers that can give you the same experience and I would be happy to discuss them in a bit more detail.


Is the “connection” to Ooma a good solution.  Does it work and what is the process of getting the interface done and keeping my Verizon landline phone number?