MLB qualifying accounts


How do I know if I qualify for the free MLB subscription?

I can’t find anywhere that delineates which accounts qualify for the freebie.


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If you have the T Life app, it will be offered there during the last week of March.

MLB.TV returns to T-Mobile customers for 2024 season (


Well, I have the T Life app, but the “fine print” says that it’s only available with certain accounts.

How do I know if mine qualifies?

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Don’t worry; you will get it.  😀⚾


I was told that since it is available through T Life App everyone who has the app will be able to get it. 

I got email from MLB saying it will be available beginning at 5 a.m. on March 26th until April 1st.


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I have a grandfather 55+ One plan and I have had it since they started it.


I was told that promotions that are in T Life are available to every one while T Mobile sends customers of plans that are eligible for certain promotions receive a text with a link to redeem that promotion.

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Last year it was all postpaid plans, but prepaid and no credit check(legacy) did not qualify for MLB. 


I have asked three different T-Mobile customer care reps and gotten three different answers regarding "qualifying plans". I guess we will have to wait and see, but it does seem like more and more restrictions are being placed on promised "benefits" i.e. Netflix is terrible now unless you upgrade from basic free version.


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@Irritated11 that is irritating!

What I would do: 

Wait until Tuesday March 26.  Open T Life and try to get the MLB.TV subscription.  If it doesn’t work, because your plan isn’t eligible, you have some options.  

  1. Upgrade to a plan that is eligible
  2. Buy it on your own (current price is $149.99 for the season, or $29.99 per month)
  3. Go without

If anyone can’t get it on or after March 26, please post back here.



I have a Go5G plan so I know I will get it as those are highest tier plans. However, I was told this week by a T Mobile rep that ONLY Go5G plans will get it free. My issue is more the confusion around this that has not been publicly clarified by T Mobile. T Mobile signed an agreement with MLB but has not been forthcoming with details despite obvious confusion with customers. I received an email from MLB with details and then called T Mobile and there was no information available from T Mobile. The lack of transparency is extremely frustrating for me.

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I got it today (Tuesday March 26, 2024) via the T Life and MLB apps on my iPhone.  Easy-peasy.   When I opened MLB.TV on my TV, it was ready.  (New users may have to go through a few more steps.)

I have a legacy plan, formerly Sprint.