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  • 14 July 2023
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I have a line that is currently on a Postpaid plan with Unlimited data, text and talk. The phone however is barely used with an average of 2-3 calls, no text and about 0.03 GB of data usage. I figure I could save a lot by switching this to a prepaid plan but I can’t figure how. There is no option to change it online so I assume I’ll need to call in but just wanted to see if anyone has successfully transferred from post to prepaid and if there are any concerns to be aware of. Thanks. 

3 replies


This will depend on now much you want to give up. Assuming you don't ever go over 10GB in any month, there is 


Tmobile prepaid $10gb for $40

t-mobile connect for less in range $10-35 but strict data cut off after using data allotment

mvnos like Mint Mobile with plans that start at $15 a month but typically you need to pay in 3, 6 or 12 months in advance with 1 year giving you best prices. You start monthly for first 3 months to test their service. 

  • MVNO are more deprioritized, and don't have domestic roaming (so if you live in Nebraska or go to Big Sure, CA you won't be able to use partners cell towers). However most still offer global international calling texting and include roaming to Canada/Mexico at no charge or small monthly add on fee and some include good plans for usage beyond North America (Google Fi). 

Extremely upset over this new policy. Considering  recent personal info leaks, not comfortable with sharing bank info with TMobile. Expect better from this company, Anyone have any suggestions on where to possible change service to? Used to have ATT which I liked, only moved to Tmobile because lower price, but that apparently is not the case for too much longer. 

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You basically are going to need to go to a store to transfer to a prepaid plan and you will need a new sim card.