Multiple lines is Buggy! Please fix it T-Mobile

  • 30 September 2023
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I'm using a T-Mobile prepaid multi-line service since last month. It was working until yesterday. Now, there's no data, and the signal keeps switching from 5G to Edge to SOS. I’ve tried using multiple phones and they all have the same problem.

In my room, only the owner line works. The other four lines are having the same issue. Many of my schoolmates are experiencing this too. Only owner or individual lines work.

I think this issue started because the total usage in the 5 lines exceeded 50GB.

I called CS and visited T-Mobile store, they can’t fix it. check ticket number 74451583 if any one from T-Mobile can see it. You need to fix it now, we all have to switch to another carrier next week if you can’t fix it .

Can you please check and fix my data service?

1 reply

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This is basically a user to user forum not a Tmobile employee support forum. There's only a couple of Tmobile employees that monitor this site and they don't have account access.