Prepaid Autopay and Text Reminders/Alerts

  • 13 August 2023
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Hello.  We are worried about why my son received a text today to refill his account, instead of a text that autopay was going to refill. He and I both have the same refill date. My text was: "Your T-Mobile AutoPay is scheduled to make a refill payment of $25 on 08/15/2023." His was : "T-Mobile: Reminder: Please refill your plan by 08/14 to ensure continued wireless service at or call us at 611. Please disregard if you've already paid for next month's service." His autopay is set up and shows as enrolled. I asked t-force on Facebook, and they said they see it set up and believe it will still go through tomorrow. But they didn’t know why he received that text. We have been dealing with a ticket for months to resolve why he wasn’t receiving any texts at all about autopay, and I’m worried they did something that caused this. There is also an alert when he logs in saying "Your payment is due. Please add service to your account now for uninterrupted service." when i log into my own account there is no such alert. I am so concerned that the autopay is not working on his account, even though it shows as enrolled. Does this sound normal, to receive that text and alert and still have the autopay go through?

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