Reactivate my old number

  • 5 July 2022
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I have an T-Mobile prepaid number which I used it 2 years ago.

And now I want to reactivate that number again.

Is it possible? And if yes, what should I do?

4 replies

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hate to say it but odds are that number has been recycled after 2 can try calling it to see if someone answers or what it says..

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The number is lost  , it goes back into the number pool after 90 days after the account is canceled.

 i have 2 lines I transferred one to google voice. They cancel the other one by default. 

I need my number how can I reactivate it ?

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numbers after 3 months of closure of accounts goes back into a pool of numbers and back into the carrier who owns the actual number.  For example my number is originally from Verizon.  If I close my T-Mobile account my number will go back to Verizon after 3 months.