Sprint Lease to T-Mobile Agreement

  • 22 December 2023
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So I finished paying on my device from Sprint back in June 2023 and I didn't realize I was still being charged the added $50 lease agreement fee until this month December 2023. When I contacted T-Mobile they did take off that last agreement charge going forward but advised they could not credit me for the $300 I'm owed. One rep said they world put in a refund request for me then another rep advised it was denied because the lease was worth Sprint. I have looked through every possible document and nothing states if a lease is worth sprint after that lease ends I will continue to pay tmobile for a device that is paid off. If anyone else has such a document if you could let me know where it is so I can attach it to my Better Business Bureau complaint that I filed to resolve this issue.  I attached my correspondence plus what it states about paying off the lease. 



3 replies

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its a lease..same deal if you lease a vehicle..you dont own it at the end of the lease..you’ll get an option of what to pay if you do decide you want to own it..but if not you’ll technically be renting it from the last lease payment on until you return it or purchase it outright.

I just found out that I’ve been paying my lease for 18 months more than I should have. The representative informed me that they were supposed to make good on our lease when they merged even if it wasn’t up. I’m trying to find my lease agreement and so far can’t find anything other than previous bills dating back to Sep. 2022. According to my phone, my last reset was in May 2022, so it was either then or earlier that my lease began. I don’t remember if the lease was for 18mo or 24mo. According to the rep though, they should’ve stopped charging me 18 months ago. At $25 a month that’s $450! They only gave me credit for two months. So I’ve been paying them for a lease I had with Sprint. That doesn’t sound legal to me and I’m going to contact corporate. Any other suggestions? 

Yep, same thing just happened to me! Seems like a scam by T-Mobile. How can they just keep charging us for over a year and then only refund 2 months? I don’t understand how that is legal.