Switch to T-mobile, not free!

  • 12 December 2023
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I've been with T-Mobile and Sprint for over 12 years.  At onetime I had 6 lines.  I pay my bill on time, every month and have been a loyal customer.

I decided to add another line for my wife.  She has been with Verizon and has an iPhone that is paid off and her account is in good standing.

We wanted to add her to T-mobile, trade her phone in for a newer iPhone and keep her existing number.

Simple, right? I mean they advertise it all the time.

After speaking with them, I was told that since her phone was bought through Verizon they couldn't do it?  I asked, why do you make a big deal then about trying to get new business by advertising that they will pay existing phones off from other companies and you can keep an existing number, plus new phone?  I wasn't happy about it and still not happy about it.  I've been with them a long time and really don't want to change but they are making it easier on me to make a switch.

Plus, I don't agree with their culture and subjects they sponsor.   Do you think anyone has tried to call me or contact me to see of they can try and help me?  Negative.

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