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  • 20 December 2023
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 I have already paid abut 180 dollars to mint mobile for 12 month plan. This is just the second month and i wanna switch from mint mobile to T-mobile. Is there any way i could get that money back while switching from mint mobile to T-mobile.


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unfortunately i doubt it. most prepaid accounts dont have returns. and im not fully sure if TMO now owns Mint or if its still in the works..still would have the same rule on money back though i would think.


check Mints forum and see what is said in there?


i have listened from someone that t-mobile pays off that extra credit/money when you switched from another carrier to t-mobile. Does that work on mint mobile too?

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almost positive thats for going from pre paid to pre paid..


@syaoran  you have any knowledge on this? going from a postpaid from MInt to prepaid on TMO.

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Mint is kind of strange because it still isn't fully absorbed into T-Mobile yet.  Mint is still a prepaid service.  A number port is required to go from postpaid to prepaid so the same would need to happen going to Mint.  Going the other way is the same.  There are no refunds on prepaid funds.  That is the way it has always been.  They prepaid in advance for their Mint service so that money is non-refundable.