T-Mobile left the whole family without PAID mobile services


I've been a TM customer for almost 2 years, but TM left me and my family without any mobile services at all.

A few days ago I paid 70$ as automatic payment for 2 lines, and the paid period was supposed to be 05/22 - 06/22.

Yesterday I decided to upgrade my plan and chose the unlimited one for both lines. TM portal suggested me to pay additional $10 as the difference between the plan costs and offered me to do it by my credit card, which I did.

After that, both my lines are dead: I cannot call, text, or use the Internet. Nothing works: when I try to call any number, the TM operator says that my balance is too low. However, the TM prepaid portal shows that both my lines are active and working properly.

~10 times tried to reach the support team via chat. No one tried to help, when they realized that my account is prepaid, they recommended to CALL the prepaid support.

I called and only on the 2nd attempt they created a ticket for the support team and mentioned that resolving the ticket could take 72 hours (or more).

My family is affected, my work is affected. Dear T-Mobile, why should I stay without paid (SIC!!!) services and no one from the support team cares about it? Nothing is getting better for more than 30 hours. 

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Trouble ticket # 86435918


Services were ready to go in 48 hours. My family did not receive a single "apology".


Another reason to switch to another service provider.

I have similar issue. How was you problem finally solved?