Why do they get away with so many lies and dishonesty

  • 18 May 2024
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I have lost count on how many ways, Tmobile has lied, decieved and stolen money from me. I am not alone on this matter and hope to find a class action lawsuit against Tmobile. 

All of the issues are journaled and it is time to go to court. 

Another question, you constantly hear that the call is being recorded for training purposes. Is this to teach employees how to decieve the customer? I have asked since the calls are recorded, why can’t we listen the recordings of what Tmobile said to me. As usual, Tmobile cannot access the calls. 

1 reply

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The out on the recording is it says it may be recorded for training yadayada. The may is an out. It may be recorded it may not.

Unless you're the main plaintiff on the class action you won't get squat you're better off taking them to arbitration like it's states in Tmobile’s term and conditions.