Why does T-Mobile limit Internet speed via hotspot by 1000 times? (Unlimited Plus, no traffic spent)

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I connected a new “Unlimited Plus” plan to two of my mobile numbers in order to be able to share the Internet to another device.

Speed test on the phone - 500-600 mbps. (In fact, these are relatively “laboratory” values. It is clear that when using, for example, YouTube, such a speed is not even close)

When testing Internet speed on another device through a hotspot (hotspot from my phone with T-mobile, of course) - the speed is 0.3-0.5 mbps.

This speed was immediate, on the day the new plan was activated. Therefore, there is no talk of a 10GB limit yet.

I contacted T-mobile support many times, they are useless. We left a request (ticket) and had to respond within 3 days. It's been 2 weeks already. The other day I asked support about this ticket - they ignored the question. I asked for a call back - agreed and confirmed. There was no call. Disgusting service.

I will change my mobile operator.

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