Autopay discount now only available with direct back account with withdrawals?

  • 23 July 2023
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You’d have to be crazy to give T-Mobile, a company with a history of data breeches, your banking info for direct withdrawals. This is a pure money grab designed to screw their customers over by eliminating their autopay discounts because they know that only a complete moron would give them their banking info. I would never do that and if they eliminate my discount I’m switching to another carrier. I’ve already confirmed with both ATT and Verizion a cheaper or equal deal for service without having to use a direct bank withdrawal route. I suggest that every T-Mobile customer do this. ATT told me they're getting a lot of calls from outraged T-Mobile users. T-Mobile, this is a big mistake. You’re really making a lot of your customers very angry. Unless you’re prepared to guarantee in writing that you will replace all the money in my bank account in the event of a T- Mobile data breach resulting in my bank account being hacked, there ani’t no way I’m giving you my bank account info. I don’t share that with any company.  You really should think twice about this terrible change.

1 reply


I live in a small town and drive by their store everyday and with all the data lost by them to hackers I choose to walk in the store to pay my bill with cash face to face.Now i will be charged five dollars for this.I am going to go to the store and refuse to pay the fee if they wont take my payment bye bye.And here I thought the idea of having a store was to bring people in,they just drove me away for good and i have been a customer for over 21 years