Billing statements in the mail?


I’ve cancelled auto pay due to debit card requirement. Will I be receiving statements in the mail and will I be able to pay them by mailing in a check?


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Yes you can but mail the check early and hope it doesn't get lost.

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I think T-Mobile really rather you open a checking account with them (T-Mobile Money).  You can ACH just enough money to that account each month to cover the bill from your checking account.  This way, you keep the autopay discount.

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Hey there @tweetydee You can absolutely mail in your payments if that makes you feel more comfortable. Cancelling the autopay does not automatically change the system to send you a paper bill so you will want to log into your T-Mobile account and turn OFF the paperless billing option. You could leave paperless billing on and print out the pdf version of your bill to get the payment coupon, too. The PDF version is actually available as early as 3 days after your bill cycle starts, so you would be able to see it online long before you get the copy in the mail.