Cancellation and refund

  • 7 June 2022
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I ordered internet service on 05/10/2022 and received equipment on 05/17/2022.  I used the internet maybe 2 days and I cancelled and returned equipment on 05/19/2022.

The T-Mobile received returned equipment on 05/25/2022 and they told me the refund credit will process 5 - 7 business day which is before my payment due date 06/07/2022.  But the credit was not processed until my payment date, so I paid full payment even I did not use the internet service.

I called them and complain about the credit and they said, ‘I don’t know why the credit is not processed and I will process it now’.  Are you kidding me?  I called T-Mobil twice about the refund and confirm the credit before my due date but it’s not correctly processed on time.  How it possible even T-Mobil doesn’t know the credit is not processed until I called them today.

I am more them 7 years with T-Mobile and I am so disappointed their service.


1 reply

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TMO bills in advance and not in arrears. This means your payment due on 6/7/2022 was generated back in early May before you canceled and returned the equipment. They can only issue a refund before the next bill is generated which will be calculated in June with a due date of July 7. The correct directions the TMO rep should have told you are “please pay for the service for your current bill due on 6/7 but you will see a refund on your next bill due on 7/7”.