Day 1 of my 15-day Home internet Trial

  • 10 October 2023
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Sorry but the signal in my location is not good. I am lucky to get 10 Mbps. Someone down the road 1 mile away gets over 200 Mbps on TMobile Home internet so I thought I’d give it a shot. I have put my device all over the house, even outside just to test. No difference. 
I want to cancel and quite within my 15 day trial. I call and I am told it is a 30 minute wait time for customer service 9pm Eastern on a Tuesday.
Someone at T Mobile contact me at a reasonable hour and tell me where and how to ship this back. 



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This is just a customer-to-customer forum.  You will need to call T-Mobile.  Try in the morning.

You can take the unit to any T-mobile store and they will accept it. Make sure you get the receipt as a proof of returning the unit. That is all you need to do. Do not mail the unit as things can go wrong.

I hope this helps.