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  • 26 August 2023
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Hello to all. First off I am am ex T-Mobile customer service employee. Secondly when I worked there every year they got a trophy or plaque from JD Powers. I don't know what they are being taught or if they are being taught at all. First off there is nooooooooo empathy anymore. The floor supervisors telling the reps on the phone to avoid answering questions. Like I said I know how things should go. I stayed calm I also said thank you when warrantied. The rep that I had was Great. I mean fantastic. I started off explaining what was wrong and that I wanted my bill credited. The rep looked through my account and saw everything I talked about that had happened even me losing my storage because of the same issue. Now it's been two months and I was repeatedly told it was correct. So since it wasn't and I was on the phone over an hour I thought that was the least they could do seeing how I lost more but stayed with T-Mobile because I like the service or did rather. Now the supervisor kept pointing out everything that was so called fixed and I told him that that's what the problem was not different problems the same problem. Now he goes on to tell I deserve the credit but not that I am getting the credit. Thats sideways talk and I pointed that out. His name is Leo by the way. Oh. Come to find out after two months of asking why my plan says 3 lines instead of two and my bill is 170 instead of 140. I'm told it right 160 plus digital line. So I tell him ok but that still not right because I was either lied to or someone didn't know their job. So after I say that now im on the wrong plan. Another mistake so I asked again about the credit and he tells me he changed the plan and gave me a 30 dollar credit still will not answer yes or no or tell why I don't deserve the credit as I asked. So I simple said I don't want to take up anymore of the reps time I would call or write. Now here's why I am ticked off. Not only did I not get the credit but I didn't get the one he told me and I have an extra 34$ charge. I need answers like proto. Sorry but have to mention this the rep that handled me name is L. Rainbeu that rep deserves a thank you raise lunch or anything because they handled the situation perfectly. Answered my questions so that I would be educated and also kept the situation at bey so would not escalate. Now Leo on the other hand I don't know how he became a supervisor the whole time talking sideways not answering questions not explaining just trying to get rid of the customer me. I show hope someone lets me know something. I can't believe I actually got an extra charge 

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