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  • 5 February 2024
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On 09/15/2023 i called tmobile representative and talked to the guy. He helped me out to trade in the phone and add another line . He told me this line is free for lifetime. 3 lines total should be $70 with auto pay that he promised to me but when i check that line is not free . And I called tmobile customer service talked to them 5 or 6 already, they told me they corrected it already and don’t worry it no more. But now I check back the still haven’t fix it. Then i called Joshua from CEO and explained everything to him . He told me to wait 24 to 48 hr to investigate. And then he called me back for couple time but I can’t pick up my phone . He leaves a message that he said on that day didn’t have any promotion for free line. That’s not right because on that day asked the guy helped me out 3 times and he told that line is free for lifetime and he promised too. im so upset and mad i call him back but he didn’t pick up the phone. Im so headache about this problem.


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Unfortunately, if there was no free line promotion available when the line was activated.  There is no way to just give you that line for free.  These promotions do exist on the rare occasion but can only be applied when they were available to lines that met all of the criteria.  

T-Mobile store sales manager promised me $5 off each line if I switched to auto bill. This was part of a deal to purchase two phones and add two lines. I already had four lines and expected $30 credited to my bill each month for 6 lines for auto bill. When it didn’t happen, he told me it would be in the next billing cycle (sound familiar?). When it didn’t happen in the next billing cycle I went back and he told me he was sorry but with the plan I had, the auto bill reduction didn’t apply. He knew full well what plan I had when he promised me the auto bill reduction. They will tell you anything to get the deal and then just say “sorry, it doesn’t apply to you”.  

T Mobile is doing this routinely. Has now happened to me twice. Went through the same circus of calling to argue with customer service, eventually you get a call back from a middle manager who says sorry you’re locked in there’s nothing we can do, despite there existing an audio recording of their customer service rep making the offer. Plan to cancel our accounts and move to another carrier as soon as I'm able to. Bad service I can deal with, dishonesty I can’t. 

They always do this to me..