Home internet down….again….and again….


My infamous Tmobile Home Internet service is down…AGAIN!

Anyone considering Tmobile for Home Internet should inly get it based on price.  It is not reliable.  Only get it if you don’t mind regular and consistent service drops.  2 - 3 times per week.  It is not slow.  It just stips transmitting data to the towers despite a strong signal.


And don’t bother with customer service.  They are nice and polite, but the only solution is to reboot your gateway and cross your fingers.


Again, if you are looking for semi-reliable but cheap price, go Tmobile.  If you want reliability, go with another provider.

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I’ve had T mobile internet for two years. The only trouble I had was tower related. The Home internet Specialist walked me through it and altered my towers. I was behind a water tower, and mine did the same until the reset.

Recently, the tornado took down one of the towers by me. Signal is reduced, but still working fine. Last speed test, was 265 mbps down and 52 up. When this occured, we ended up replacing my gateway with the newer version. Much larger bandwiths!


Andy Long


Well, Andy, if that were my case, I’d probably not be sharing my story (or hanging out on a forum just to tell people how good the service was.)

Can’t tell you how many calls I’ve made to Tmobile over the past year.  I got to know one of the customer service agents well enough that he stood in my wedding!  (JK)

  • I’ve tried the new gateway (only after I insisted.)
  • I’ve tried the “we’ve reconfigured the gateway.”
  • I’ve tried the rebooting.  Even looked up a device from Amazon that automatically reboots the gateway whenever data stops and passed the info to Tmobile.  Suggested they provide it with gateways since the boiler plate fix suggested on every call is to reboot.
  • I’ve tried moving the gateway location.
  • I’ve tried rotating the gateway.

Nothing works consistently.  When it works, the service is fast.  When it stops, it just stops dead.  But my phone hotspot will work just fine.

Same story at my parents house who live 3 blocks from the tower (confirmed by Tmobile.)

Glad it works well for you.  But my experience and that of may other I read is that the Home Internet is not reliable.  Cheap, but not reliable.


My T-Mobile internet experience is a major slowdown early in the morning between 6 am and 9 am. I'm tired if calling about it  and resetting my gateway. It's very frustrating!!

I turn off the WiFi and use the Mobile Hotspot which works much better...that truly doesn't make sense as it should be the same towers that are being accessed.

I switched from AT&T to save money, but I raised my blood pressure instead!