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  • 19 December 2022
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NAT type and UPnP issues... Are there any fixes? I really like the service and would hate to have to leave it solely for this issue

3 replies

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You might find a VPN that will provide the services but with the 464XLAT solution that T-Mobile uses there are problems for gamers that need UPnP and port forwarding. 

You might look into: assuming you use an Xbox.

The T-Mobile home internet gateway solution is not real gamer friendly. Some things are fine but where UPnP is concerned nope.

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To add to what iTinkeralot said above, Xfinity’s new ads feature a couple trying to use TMHI for gaming and being disappointed. I think if you are looking--or need to--use NAT and UPnP, TMHI is not the right service, or at least not yet.

I think T-Mobile was determined to offer basic Internet that was a cinch to set up without much or any technical support. There is merit in that idea, but it certainly steps on everyone else’s toes who is network savvy and needs more control.

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The gateways that T-Mobile does provide are very limited in their feature set by design. The software provided to “manage” them is very limited as well. Setup might be rather simple for some but when there are challenges with the service delivery the limited management capability of the software compounds the problems. The basic reporting tools/features of the gateway are insufficient for trouble shooting problem conditions. If there is/were system logging capabilities built into the software of the gateway it does not matter as they do not provide any access to that. The curtain has been flapping in the breeze and Oz is being revealed slowly.

The solution is best for users that are not demanding.