How do I file a complaint about one of the stores?

  • 16 January 2024
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I just switched to TM.  So far, so good, except for the billing.  

At the store, the customer rep seemed to have blinders on and not listen to everything I was saying.  They seemed to be in their own world and needed a supervisor to help.  

I showed them their own web-site stating the plan I joined is supposed to come with Apple TV, AAA, and Netflix.  None of that was honored.  I also told them I was paying by credit card.  I’m now finding out the discount per line is only with debit cards.   

Are the stores supposed to honor the deals that exist on their web-site?

Should the rep have halted me when I stated, multiple times, I was using a credit card?


Right now, TM is getting only a 3/5 star.  Worse, there’s no Feedback or Chat section I’ve been able to find.  Its extremely frustrating for a senior to have to deal with such companies.   

At this point, I am not impressed.  I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears as most big companies don’t care about seniors just as the customer rep at the store made me feel, but, I’m at the point with this lying, or so it feels, that I’ll see what happens in a couple months.  But, I’m ready to go back to Consumer Cellular where the customer service and reps were amazing.

2 replies

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You need to go to your MyTmobile account and set up the add ons. Tmobile reps don't do that.

Good afternoon.

I was just in the T-Mobile Store in Louisville KY, on Hurstbourne Lane.  We waited an hour and still no service.  The two knowledgeable service reps were switching between customers coming in the door and customers previously being waited on. A third service rep was in training.

Obviously, the store needs more reps with adequate training, before putting them on the floor to assist customers.  It seems people are assisted according to how much one spends.. 

Also, the two experienced service reps were both assisting the same customer.All three service reps were courteous.  

A couple of customers left as we did, out of frustration.

We are considering switching to SPECTRUM..