Inseego FW2000e activation - how?

  • 28 April 2023
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Hi - I have been going round in circles with various TMobile online and instore reps for the past few days over something that I thought would be simple. 

  1. I own an Inseego FW2000e. It is currently SIM-less. I had one TMobile rep confirm, via its IMEI, that it is eligible for TMobile activation.
  2. I would like to use it as my TMobile 5G home internet gateway. Is this something TMobile can and will do.?
  3. If it is possible, who in Tmobile should I be contacting and what should I be asking for.

So far I’ve been sold a number of things that have not come close to solving this.  Thanks for any pointers.


3 replies

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Hi @eeeyow, the below thread had information you might find useful:



Thanks @henry51. I had come across that thread and I think it helped the guy with the FW2000e that he already had an association with his T-Mobile rep and was buying the device whereas I already have one. Folks I’ve contacted don’t seem to know much about the FW2000e. On the other hand, from what that thread describes I have high hopes mine will be able to pick up a good signal which is why I’m persisting and hopefully will figure this out.

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@eeeyow, if I'm understanding correctly,  you are trying to use your FW2000e as a replacement for the gateway that TM provides to it's 5G Home Internet subscribers.  My understanding is that the only way to activate the TMO HI service is with the gateway TM sends you (which comes with a SIM card pre-installed).