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  • 13 May 2024
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For the past month or so I've had nothing but slow speeds and occasionally I'll get some decent speed which is around 30 download and maybe 10 or 11. Uplook I could live with that all day long. Unfortunately it is so sporadic that I have to restart at least 5 to 6-7 times just to try to get my speed up to at least near that. I don't know what's going on in Cookeville Tennessee but my speeds have changed to where now I cannot get any decent speeds at all. And when I mean decent I mean a steady 30 would be fine download and 10 upload. I would even go with 30 and 7. That's all I ask for, but unfortunately I don't know if the tower has moved around since some of these high winds. It's just any excuse every time I call and I'm tired of dealing with overseas people. I get asked the same question 500 times before I get anything fixed and then they ask me again 500 times. Every time I ask something else they repeat themselves numerous times. I just want it fixed quick without all the hour-long or more questions. They asked me the same thing. I've done this a million times. It seems like I know what's going on. I know how to troubleshoot. I know how to fix it. I know how to start it up. I know they have a script they go by and they've got to ask certain questions but it gets monotonous when you have to call in constantly. I do like the T-Mobile Wi-Fi. It is working well when it is working. Unfortunately it don't work as often as I want. I do wish somebody could readjust something on the tower to give it a little more widespread area or put in another Tower that crisscrosses the piece of pie as we call it so you get more coverage. They've told me numerous times they've putting in a another tower but I've yet to hear anything new about that.

5 replies

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Only a couple of ways to fix this … 

  1. Get an external antenna (you may want to swap device for g4AR/SE model with external antenna ports
  2.  Find a much better location (note:  trees with ‘leaves’ do hinder service more than trees w/o leaves).  Try up high outdoors searching for ‘ideal’ location.  Then approach that from indoors.

Getting a new tower from T-Mobile where you want/need it is an act of congress.


You know if I didn't know any better I'd agree to all that. But since I've had it for a few years and not had any issues up till lately, I would still agree. But since I've had it for a few years I'm not sure how many and before that I had a MiFi which was really small and pretty decent with speed. So when you're getting 50 and 60 MB download and I've reached up to about 80 I think with 15 being the highest upload. And I was told that was totally unacceptable on some of the speeds I've been getting. This was by a tech. I agreed but I understand that I'm about 2 mi outside of the main town, two whole miles. But there's trees in the way but I do have some fields and things like that. So no I don't agree on what you stated about the trees and the leaves and all that. It seems like when I get a complete reboot on your end and get a new whatever it is that you guys do. I get good speeds for probably almost almost a month not quite and then it just drops down to nothing after that. That tells me there's something else going on. I don't use enough internet to cause you guys to throttle as they call it my internet but you never know what's going on. I understand that I'm not in the perfect range and or piece of pie according to techs that I've spoke to over the years. But all in all, they've given you multiple things to check and multiple things to fix and correct and see if this works better and that works better. Since I've got the new app, updated the app. I thought things might be a little different where I could adjust or do something else differently but there again I was wrong. But thanks for the advice and it has been placed in the proper location in the best location possible facing directly towards the tower. And a second story window. And then I seen you had a new device that had an actual antenna, but I thought that was an external out of the house antenna that I could possibly put on light pole or something like that. That's probably about another 10 ft or so taller than my house. But it's just for those that can't put your Wi-Fi in a window space at which mine is at the top of the window, not at the bottom of the window. It is out of the sun. Therefore, it does not overheat. I've been told to get a business number which it would dedicate a constant signal instead of one that chumps around. I've yet to do that due to the fact if I could get a strong enough signal it's supposed to be putting out random signals to give you the best signal. Why do I need to have a dedicated signal? Especially if it doesn't stay constant with just your random signal. You see and read a lot of things online and people are so upset because they have 200- 300 download And 50 upload. When I can't even get above 10 right now. Download and kilobytes upload. If I could just get a stream of 30 down and 10 up. I never call T-Mobile for any issues. You guys know of any external sources I can put up outside to pull in a signal and or something I can add to the system that would actually help not just cost more money. That would be helpful as well.

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MIfi doesn't have basic deprioritization that Home Internet does.  This is one of the reasons that it is (was) relatively inexpensive.

If you're getting +300/50 on your mobile and “at times” good speed on your home internet,  then its deprioritization with local congestion.   If.your download drops and.upload hasn't changed… you're probably hitting deprioritization.   Check your network modem stats… they can also.tell you a bit.  During the day, my service might drop to 300/75, while middle of the night, 700/90. My phone will typically be between 550 and 700Mbps.




Sounds great, but just stated my MiFi box done really well where I live 20-30 MB download and 5 upload on occasion. That's why I went to the home internet thinking it would be better the same at first. Then a little better but approximately 25-35 down and 10 Up I was happy with that. Then I have had issues past year at least. Constantly getting support to help get it back to working. Even said I need a new home internet box. Work well for a bit then back to the same issue. You would think if it worked well for few months or so it should be fine with the same speed constantly. I am not sure what goes on during the time frame of working decent for me, to just crapping out constantly again. It doesn't make sense to work well for a few months then not.

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It’s possible that your speeds have gone down over time because more people are using the service. 

Please seek out Nater Tater on YouTube.  He has tested many antennas and placements, including external.  He has also tested gateways other than those T-Mobile provides.  Of course, this equipment will cost you, but at least you can get an idea of whether any of it might improve your situation.