Is it worth switching from retired “one” plan?

  • 9 May 2023
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I’m with t-mobile since 2013 and during the years being adding lines to my account with various promotions. Currently I have 8 lines paying $210 total with autopay and I’m still on retired plan “one”.

Is there a real benefit switching to a new t-mobile plan Go5G or it’s essentially the same?

If I switch, will I keep my price with all my promos?

also for 100GB premium data that comes with Go5G plan, is it per line or it’s per account for all lines?



1 reply

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You can sign into your mytmobile account and compare the plans.

Yes you will lose promos on the One plan.

As for the data, Tmobile doesn't pool data so it's each line.

I'm on a One plan and for me it's not worth it.