Is TM Home Internet going to work for me?

  • 14 August 2022
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I'm seeing lots of problems so getting concerned about this product (which hasn't been delivered yet). All I needed is internet access at a house so I can install Ring or Blink etc for security I can monitor from phone. I will be 2k miles away from the house. I was told this would be a good solution but if the service is intermittent I'm wondering if it will restart properly without human intervention from me. Amy suggestions? Also I think most of those security devices are on 2.4.

3 replies

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All I needed is internet access at a house so I can install Ring or Blink etc for security I can monitor from phone. I will be 2k miles away from the house.


Don’t think it will work as you expect, because you may not be assigned a permanent IP address.  The IP may change when rebooted from a software upgrade, and you may not know the newer IP address unless you are actually at the house.  Without knowing the IP address, you may not be able to access your security devices with your phone while away.


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I have been using a Ring alarm system and Ring doorbells with T-Mobile Home Internet  (Nokia gateway) since August 2021, and it works perfectly (I’ll get to intermittent service in a moment). My Ring setup was installed when I had AT&T DSL service.  I have an Orbi mesh system that connected to the AT&T gateway via ethernet cable, and all the Ring devices were connected to the Orbi mesh network. When I switched to TMHI, I just plugged the Orbi ethernet cable into the Nokia gateway. Everything worked properly without my having to make any changes other than restarting the Orbi after connecting it to the Nokia..

About service interruptions--my Ring alarm system (the first generation) has a cellular failover system.  I pay to have my alarm system monitored, so that I get notified if the alarm is triggered, and so it can notify police, etc. If my TMHI gateway loses the internet connection, the Ring alarm switches over to cellular service, so my alarm system is still connected to the internet. I get an email letting me know it’s switched over to cellular.  TMHI usually reconnects on its own, but it might take 15-30 minutes. Then Ring switches back from cellular to TMHI, and I get another email letting me know that.

If I want the TMHI internet connection restored more quickly than that, I can call T-Mobile Customer Service at 1-844-275-9310 and ask them to remotely reboot my gateway, and they will do so.  I’ve done that a few times while traveling, more as a test than as a lack of faith in the cellular backup.

A little more about my setup: I use the Orbi router in router mode, even though that adds an extra layer of NAT. I enabled IPV6 passthrough on the Orbi. I eventually added an ethernet switch that I connected to the Nokia gateway via its other LAN port. I plugged the Ring alarm base and my entertainment devices (TV, Receiver, Roku, Apple TV, etc.) into the switch.  My Orbi router still has some other home automation devices using it, including a smart thermostat for our HVAC system, as well as our tablets, phones, and laptops. I don’t use the Nokia gateway’s built-in wifi system, as that seems to cause some heat issues, but I’ve done speed tests via the Orbi and when connected to the TMHI wifi, and speeds are the same, so I’m not losing any speed by going through the Orbi.  All together, I have 14 devices using the Orbi, and 10 devices connected into the ethernet switch, though fewer than half of the devices are typically being used at the same time.

Good luck with your set up.  I hope you have as good an experience as I have.

Does anyone have any experience with Blink home security and T-mobile internet? I do know that the last update Nokia performed took away the ability to access the 2.4ghz band individually. So I can’t hook up to the gateway as is. I do have another wireless router that does allow me to separate the two bandwidths. but it operates at just under 100 mbps. I was told that may not be good enough. 

Anyone have any experience with this?