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  • 5 March 2024
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Has anyone else been lied to by multiple T-Mobile representatives? I was told almost four months ago that unlimited home internet would be a maximum wait of two weeks … based on that and the combined price I signed up for the phone service. After several representatives told me multiple different things I was finally sent everything to get set up, after four days our internet came to basically a standstill.. upon calling I was informed that the high speed still wasn’t available and at this point the “supervisor “ had to admit that I had been lied to based on the chat log… still nothing could or would be done because NONE of the EXPERTS were under her and just so happens she also couldn’t put me in contact with any of the supervisors that were in charge of these people… almost comical… I should have came here and searched “lied to” . Seems pretty common for these people to not tell the truth!

3 replies


Update , so today I received an email stating that high-speed unlimited Internet is now available at my home address. I called the number because this is getting to be quite amusing for me and was informed that they would not honor the price that I’ve been promised for four months now ..absolutely hilarious

Mine is higher now too

The T-Mobile website said home internet was available at my father’s address and we went to the local store to sign up. I should have known it was too good to be true when they could not link the wireless mesh to the wireless router/modem. They claimed the mesh program/device was a brand new service that had just rolled out, so they had limited experience with it. Despite the store manager, Christophe, calling their “private” corporate number for help and speaking with three different people, they still couldn’t sync the two devices. So, we took home the access point (router/modem) by itself. We plugged it in near a window, waited for it to boot up and got a whopping two bars and were told we had a “weak signal” on the device display. We tested it using the Speedtest app and got 7Mbs down with a ping of 149. Pretty bad. Then, after only being up one minute, the device displayed an error saying it couldn’t find the network and we had to reboot. We rebooted, got two bars, and similar speeds and pings. Then again, the device said it could not connect. Reboot, same result. On top of this, I had installed their app on my phone to take advantage of their “free trial” where it adds a second eSim to your phone so you can try their network without porting your number. I was outside with no trees around and got two bars and the same speeds that we got inside off the network device. I took the device back the same day and returned it. The assistant manager made all sorts of excuses and when I told him that it’s simply supposed to be plugged in and work he walked away. They closed and cancelled our account. I will never switch to T-Mobile. I should have known it was too good to be true. My father can’t get decent cell service where he lives with Verizon because of lack of towers. Should have known T-Mobile was full of hot air. I left T-Mobile back in the early 2020’s their entire cell service went down on the east coast for over 24 hours.