Lied to by Several employees

  • 15 January 2024
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Beware of T Mobile

Recently upgraded my T Mobile phone. Was with T mobile for 2 years so was eligible.

Researched my options on their website and spoke to Two (2) T mobile employees who verified my options. I went to the store and signed up for an additional 2 years, paid the $50 activation fee and AGAIN asked the salesperson if my monthly bill would change. He verified that the phone cost would be spread over the 24month term, and T mobile would provide a monthly credit to cover that fee !!!!!!!

At the next billing cycle I noticed that my fee had increased. I called 611 and spoke to “Banjo” After some time getting him to understand my issue, he reassured me that he fixed it, but it would take 2 billing cycles to be corrected.

After 2 billing cycles nothing had changed. I called 611 again. This time I spoke to another person who  assured me that they could fix the problem. After being put on hold several times, they told me that I needed to sign up for an additional line for the phone cost to be covered. This is a lie, I specifically asked this question when I purchased the phone. I asked to speak to a manager they countered they needed more time to look into my issue but someone would call the next day.

Of course I never received a call.

I have been LIED to by several T mobile employees. Or is this the corporate culture to tell customer anything to get them off the line ?

Can this issue be raised to a Higher level ?

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contact TMO through either Facebook or Twitter..this starts you with tier 2 support over the call in tier 1 support agents. just send them a direct message. do not post on their main page.