lies never listen and think whatever notes is whats said

  • 3 July 2023
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Ok sorry if it's long. On around the middle of Feb. My samsung s22  wouldn't charge the screen was blinking in an out then trying to get it to charge i dropped it and the corner of it cracked and honestly not that bad but to get it fixed at these fixa phone places they wanted 3-400 dollars so i paid for insurance why not use it.  I sent 99 dollars to the insurance claim and i did not hear anything fir a while and finally I called Tmobile customer service . I don't remember names I have stage 4 cancer. Anyway she called insurance  company  so they wanted my id which had expired not long ago i told them everything on it was the same and because im so sick i couldn't get up there to get another 1 plys my appointment is coming up around the end of july. Her and her supervisor said they have never heard of that and they would call me back. I got nothing.  I call back explain everything .How it's been a month and nothing I need my phone cuz of my Dr. Appointments amongst other things and how I never got the$ 99.00 dollars back and how just wrong it Is I believe her name is Lynn anyway  she gets back on the phone and tells me that because of everything there going to help me so she was supposed to knock off the old phone because I only had it a few months  and I explained 4 times after  paying for my prescription every month I only have 290 left for anything she said my bill would be 127 a month for the phone and services.  She said the most suspicious things ever she said she would call the 17- the 20 to set up payments. Also she kept saying that it's wrong for them to be like this the customer is always right and hoe sorry she was that I was dealing with this at a time where I need to rest an be taken care of. So when she told me to hang on she was talking to her manager. I waited  a good 5 min. I'd say her EXACT WORDS WERE  well figured something out and I'm taking really good care of u I made a deposit  that now shows  I agreed to put it on the bill an it on the contract I signed . i  explained  i have a copy of the receipt  from Tmobile that no employee cares to see and Also because of there mistakes they wanted $750.00 on the 21st of last month and again on the 1st. I've spoken to 2 people about this and both times they have got it figured out and wouldn't happen again and it did I spoke to a very rude an disrespectful manager who didn't want to hear anything I had to say not to Mention said I'm way past my Time of doing anything  yet  I  ordered it may 11th  I'm to the point it's just wrong that they tell customers whatever and because its not in the computer it's not true listen to ur recordings then. Not everyone wants something fir nothing ur employees make mistakes like everyone  else I'm feed up need help any advice? Please 

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