Limitations of the Service

  • 18 August 2023
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I am currently with Fios and have their Gig Connection but never reach those speeds due to my home WIFI system being a few years old but still pull 200 MBPS.

My question is can I connect T-Mobile’s system to my home Wifi? As my house is older made of solid stone and brick so a traditional one station broadcasting will not work due to the thickness of my walls.

As well, are there any data limits? We watch a lot of streaming and for work I move around large files to and from my office server. I do not want to be working and then slowed down.

1 reply

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If you can locate the T-Mobile Gateway near your existing router, you can connect your router to the gateway via Ethernet, so you can keep your existing Wi-Fi setup.  However you can’t easily turn off the Wi-Fi signal that the gateway will broadcast.  (There is a hack on YouTube.)

Data is unlimited.