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  • 20 July 2023
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I am soon coming to the USA, to California, on a student visa (from Europe) and I am looking into buying a T-Mobile sim card but maybe also a new phone. 
I saw there are deals for $35 a month (for 2 years) for an Iphone 14. Does that price include the dataplan? I haven’t been able to find the various plans. 
Here in the Netherlands I have a T-Mobile plan which includes unlimited data and 120 minutes phone and 120 sms. Is there something similar in the USA and my last question, is it possible to have an E-Sim so that I can have it installed before landing. 

Thanking you all for your help! 


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$35 per month for 2 years is to pay for the phone itself, at full retail price.  (But without interest.)  You would also need a plan.  I think all the plans have unlimited talk and text.  Almost all of them have unlimited data, though they might cap “high speed” data.  The biggest differences seem to be related to travel, which might be important to you.  

I think the best current offer for a free phone is what I quoted below - but Go5G Plus is $90 a month for one line, and this requires a trade-in.  When new iPhones are released in the fall, all the carriers tend to have good deals on iPhones, and of course Apple reduces the prices on last year’s models.

New and existing customers get iPhone 14 ON US.

Via 24 monthly bill credits when you trade in an eligible device on our Go5G Plus plan.




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T-Mobile has various plans to go with the EIP cost of the device.