Netflix/T Mobile/Magenta Plan Issues


In early 2023 I got the T Mobile Magenta Max plan, which had the option of either free Netflix (basic plan I guess) OR upgraded Netflix for $7 added to one’s T Mobile bill. In Feb of 2023, I spent time on the phone with an Agent doing other things for this plan (added a line, did the Apple TV thing, etc.). I wanted to upgrade my Netflix (as I’ve been a Netflix customer for 10 years or so) - so I did everything the Agent told me to do (which was something like log in to Netflix, put in some code, etc.). Now I have the upgraded Netflix, T-Mobile charging me an extra $7 on my bill, AND Netflix charging me my original $20.95 a month. 

Has anyone else experienced this? Netflix refuses to refund me, because apparently, instead of upgrading my account, I created a second account (thanks T Mobile Customer Service Agent!)

Also, does anyone have a really good direct line to a helpful Netflix Customer Service department (I know that the person I chatted with isn’t the actual Manager - there has to be an escalation process even though they bully their customers into thinking there is not one). The guy actually told me to talk to my bank about it - I’m like, Netflix is the one charging me, what does that have to do with the bank? Or maybe T Mobile has a ‘Netflix Liaison Department’ that deals with these specific issues.

I haven’t tried T Mobile Customer Service yet because I’m guessing they will give me the run around also - I am hoping to catch someone that will understand my problem and wish to actually help me, which I’ve had issues with online, on the phone, and in the T Mobile stores. 

Any thoughts anyone might have would be great - I can’t possibly be the only person that has this issue. 

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