Non-Return Fee on Gateway Internet Wireless

  • 17 October 2022
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Need Help!

Had a Gateway Wireless Router that wasn’t working so I called T-mobile and received a replacement.  In the meantime the current Gateway started working.  I was charged a non-return fee of $414.40 and paid.  Then returned the replacement Gateway instead of the router on the return shipping label.


I have called T-mobile multiple times and have over 5 Handset Order Research Requests and on multiple occasions have been told that they will refund, but has not happened.


I am running out of options, does anyone have any advice to get my non-return fee refunded?

3 replies

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You’re probably going to need to go up the support chain in T-Mobile (though that may be hard). The original authorized return was most likely tied to the serial number of the first gateway, the one you didn’t return. If the receiving department at T-Mobile entered the serial number of the one you actually returned, it wouldn’t have shown up in the system as an authorized return. You’re going to have to go beyond the first line support to get someone who can track this down. Having done equipment returns with three different cell companies, my returns were always tied to specific units. Good luck!



Thanks for the response.  Spent another hour on the phone with them after writing this post.  Tried to explain that the IMEI number that I was charged the non-return fee for is the one that I am currently using and the IMEI number that was on the shipping label was not the same as what was returned.  


I feel a little more confident about this call then the last, but we will see in 3-5 days. 

Yeah in another year we are cancelling tmobile they charged us for home internet we returned and got texts and emails from their automated system saying it was returned they charged us what fraud tmobile sucks