Odd Phone Number linked to my Home Internet Account

  • 25 April 2024
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I recently signed up for Home Internet and everything seems to be working well.  I am not and have never been a T-Mobile phone customer.

In my profile, I notice an odd phone number is linked to my account.  Also, in the caller ID options, there is someones name.

How do I get this fixed?  I shouldn’t really have any phone numbers linked to this account (other than one for contact information)

2 replies

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The TM router works off the cellular network (obviously), and has a phone number assigned to it.  If you look at the router screen and scroll thru some options, you will find it has likely received text messages.  So the “odd” phone number thing is normal, but I have no idea why someone’s “name” is linked to it.  The TM Internet app should show the router’s phone number as well.

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Rogracer2000 is totally right about the phone number. The name could be an old caller id name that was used by the previous owner of that phone number. Normally, the name updates when it is added to your account, but you might just need to reach out to support to have them update it. Most people like to use direct message on Facebook or X to get our T-Force team. They are amazing!